Personalised and Custom Workwear Supplies 

Personalised workwear is becoming increasingly popular as it sets your brand apart from the sea of competitors. Our custom workwear collections have something for everyone. No matter the industry, we have the options to kit out your workforce to not only look the part but feel it too. Our in-house team specialise in personalised embroidered workwear. We can manufacture embroidered workwear to your exact specifications on a range of different company-branded items. 

Typically our embroidery services work best with heavier materials including polo shirts, fleeces, jackets and uniforms. This is because the fabric we use tends to be better suited to raised stitching.   

Benefits Of Embroidered Workwear 

  • Long lasting 
  • Provides a high quality, professional finish
  • Choice of colours available 

Printed Workwear with Company Logo 

We are also able to offer printed workwear. Our designs can be printed with your company logo rather than embroidered. This is the favoured option for waterproof clothing especially because it doesn’t impact or affect the performance of the clothing. If you have gone to the effort to develop a personalised workwear uniform you don’t want it to be hidden by outerwear which is why we have developed a method to print on clothing without affecting its performance. A waterproof coat is no longer waterproof if it has had holes punctured in it to embroider a logo. 

The Benefits of Personalised Workwear 

Increased Visibility 

Personalised workwear makes your employees known to customers. If your logo is present on your garments, you can be identified with ease. Being visible to customers is massively important no matter the industry you work in. If customers have concerns or need advice, they know who to ask. 

Increased Efficiency 

When an employee is wearing a branded uniform, they’re reminded that their work is representing a business. It gives them a sense of responsibility to complete every job to a high standard. Wearing the company logo means more accountability and leads to more efficient and conscientious work. As there is visual proof of the company they work for, employees are less likely to slack as being reported to their boss is a lot easier.     

Brand Promotion 

Having your company logo displayed clearly on your employee’s uniforms makes them more recognisable. If your workers are seen out on a job, they can be identified by new potential customers which encourages them to get in touch. Your company name will become familiar in people’s minds and should start to bring in more customer leads and business as free advertising.    

Build A Rapport 

A personalised uniform does exactly that, unifies employees. If everyone in a company is dressed in the same uniforms, logo or even colours, employees will find it easier to build a working relationship with their colleagues. Wearing the company logo heightens the bond between employees just the same as a school uniform acts with its students. 


The beauty of personalised workwear is you get to choose exactly what goes on each piece. As well as your logo, you can also choose to have your company phone number or website printed on your workwear. This is another marketing tool as you never know who will spot your uniform in action and want to use your services.