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Women’s Safety Clothing UK

Traditionally a male-dominated area of workwear, women’s PPE clothing options have been few and far between. We’re proud to offer a range of ladies’ workwear that has a comfortable, better fit and is more pleasant to wear, particularly for long periods of time.

The ladies’ PPE clothing market is growing and manufacturers are meeting the demand for clothing that is tailored appropriately to a different shape while adhering to all of the same standards of quality, durability and workmanship as you can expect from our other workwear ranges. Look for top brands, such as Pulsar, who have created their very own Ladies Collection.

Women’s Safety Jackets and Protective Clothing – There’s no ‘making do’

The one size fits all mentality that has been seen within the PPE sector for a number of years has been particularly problematic when it comes to women’s workwear. Female employees should not have to “make do” with whatever is available to them at the time, particularly as wearing ill-fitting PPE will not protect the worker from any potential hazards. Work gloves that are too big can slip off and hardhats that are too deep can lead to a greater risk in terms of falling off every time you look up. Women’s safety jackets that are too large, or have arms too long similarly won’t provide adequate protection when it’s needed.

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