corprotex pink spa uniform, worn by woman

Spa Uniforms & Beauty Tunics for UK Salon Staff 

Spa uniforms serve two very important purposes. They’re a key component of your staff’s appearance. In an environment where clients are spending money for an hour or even a day of pampering treatment by beauticians or therapists, it’s important that their beauty tunics complement the surroundings, and meet the expectations of their clientele. Their second purpose is to keep your staff safe from any workplace hazards. 

Spa and beauty uniforms must be easy to wear and to keep clean. The material mustn’t show up marks and stains easily. Staff often spend extended periods of time in their uniforms and see a large number of clients on any one day. This makes it important the uniforms don’t easily crumple or crease. It’s important that their salon wear looks as smart and clean for their final customer as it did for their first. Our experience in this industry has taught us how to make the best uniform for spa and beauty therapists. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the spa uniforms we offer can withstand the pressures of daily life without struggle. 

Beauty Uniforms For Spa Therapists 

We work closely with British fabric mills to guarantee the highest quality garments every time. It’s those close relationships that allow us to offer some of the most competitive prices in the UK for spa uniforms. We appreciate the benefit of a well-kept uniform on your business and our spa uniforms are no exception. All uniforms are made from premium, durable material that washes well and stays looking new for longer. Our in-house embroidery service makes it possible to customise your uniforms with a company logo or name.

corprotex turquoise spa uniform, worn by woman

Subtle Branding

We have an in-house alterations team that is regularly on hand to fix any issues. They are also available to tax tab in house. Tax tabs can be added to any design and can contain your company logo, company colours or initials of the company. They’re a subtle and discreet way of promoting your company and are perfect for spa uniforms. 

Not only are tax tabs a subtle way of branding your uniform, but they also act as tax relief. HMRC enforce a tax on the clothing issued to staff free of charge with no branding. They consider them to be a ‘fringe benefit’ as they could potentially be worn outside of work. The addition of a tax tab means the garment can be distinguished as a uniform and not able to be worn outside of work. 

To see how Corprotex can help with your salon wear and spa uniform requirements, just contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable teams today at either or by phoning 0161 233 2226. We’d love to talk to you.