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Could your hospitality or catering team use a boost? Do you want them to stand out from the rest every time your clients interact with them? Nothing says ‘team’ like modern, impressive hospitality uniforms. At Corprotex, we specialise in providing only the best materials and designs so that you never have to compromise on style or quality when you want to outfit your team.

Hospitality & Events

Your staff will be the first people your customers interact with. A professional attitude and uniform are key in a hotel, catering, restaurant or management environment. Whether you require workwear for serving staff, executives or positions in between, Corprotex has the fashionable, durable hospitality uniforms and workwear you need.

If you’re in the hospitality industry and seeking new suppliers, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can supply you with the hospitality uniforms and workwear your business needs.

Why Choose Corprotex for your Hospitality Uniforms?

At Corprotex, business outfitting is in our blood, and we have an enviable reputation for supplying the highest quality of hospitality uniforms and workwear. Our family-run business supplies a huge range of sectors, and our customers love working with us as we promote a consultative approach that makes the whole process of choosing, designing and measuring for hospitality uniforms easy, smooth and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are hospitality uniforms important?

There are a plethora of reasons why hospitality uniforms are an essential for your business and team. Superficially, these include, your team looking and feeling good, exuding confidence and presenting a professional brand. Arguably more importantly, it promotes equality, supports a more cohesive team dynamic and helps customers to your business identify members of staff to assist them.

What should be included in a front-of-house uniform?

Of course, we all understand the importance of a front-of-house hospitality uniform being smart. But we must also remember that it is as equally important that it is safe. So, what should be considered?

Front-of-house uniforms should not be too tightly fitted as this could mean that it is restrictive. They should also not have excessive details, like trailing sleeves, that could cause a hazard. Finding a balance between style and practicality is important for the most comfortable, stylish and safe uniform for your team.

Why is black a popular colour choice for hospitality uniforms?

Many companies choose black as their primary featured colour in their uniforms for a strategic reason. It can be easy to have food and drinks spilt on uniforms throughout long hospitality shifts or other dirt and marks to accumulate. With a black uniform, stains and marks are less noticeable to get your team through the entirety of their shift looking smart and put together.

However, this does not mean that you have to choose the colour black to be featured in your hospitality uniform. You know your brand best and what the most appropriate option is for your team.

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