Corprotex healthcare tunic, blue and white

Healthcare Uniforms: Our Range of Healthcare Clothing

Everyone working in the healthcare industry requires a uniform, no matter their role. The uniform has specific requirements and expectations that are different from corporate wear. The uniform must allow them to maintain a smart appearance in the workplace without restrictions. Healthcare workers often work with vulnerable members of the public or people feeling vulnerable if they’re ill or scared, for example. A healthcare tunic is easily identifiable, giving confidence that the worker is who they say they are and knows what they’re doing, which is great for putting people at ease.

Personalised healthcare uniforms

Our established range of healthcare clothing allows you to provide a uniform for your workers that gives confidence to the people in their care. We offer inclusive sizing in a range of colours to match your branding. Thanks to our specialist in-house team, we can add your company branding to your tunics. We recommend our embroidery service for healthcare uniforms if you opt for this addition. This offers both hygiene benefits and longevity. Our experienced team are on hand to guide you through each decision and ensure you’re getting the best uniform options for your staff.

Nursing Tunics and Dental Uniforms

Often, a uniform offers more than a smart appearance and authority for your staff members in the healthcare industry. For example, nurse tunics and dental uniforms are key pieces of clothing designed to keep staff protected from spillages that can occur from their day to day jobs without damaging their own clothes. Nurse tunics and dental uniforms must be held to very high hygiene standards due to the nature of their work. The fabric of the uniforms and the washing treatments they can withstand is one of the most important considerations when choosing a healthcare uniform for maintaining these standards. 

The colour selection available in our collection of healthcare tunics makes it possible to differentiate between types of staff and different seniority. For example, a ward nurse and a surgical nurse have different responsibilities, so they would likely have different coloured tunics. This can make them easily distinguishable to patients and other healthcare staff. 

Contact us to discuss your healthcare uniforms

Our entire stock of healthcare uniforms is designed to reflect their surroundings. Each piece considers the benefits to staff, colleagues, the public and the employer. To see how Corprotex can help with your healthcare uniform requirements, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today at either or phoning 0161 233 2226. We’d love to talk to you.

Corprotex healthcare tunic, navy with white band on arms and collar