Catering Clothing

If you’re looking for premium quality catering uniforms to kit out your team, you have come to the right place. At Corprotex, we understand exactly what goes into a good chef uniform and what our customers expect from premium workwear clothing suppliers. 

This is why we are proud to offer a wide collection of catering uniforms and workwear that includes options to suit every style and requirement. But are you still considering whether you need to invest in quality catering uniforms for your business? Or wondering why you should choose us to help you with workwear clothing and supplies? 

Find the answers to all your questions here, including tips and advice on catering uniforms to help you make an informed decision before you order. 

Chefworks uniform collection: two men and a woman in bar

Why Are Catering Uniforms Important?

High-quality catering and chef uniforms for your staff are essential for a wide variety of reasons. So, if you’re considering catering uniforms for your team, we have pulled together a few more considerations you might want to consider before making your decision. 

Catering Clothing: Where Safety is Key

Any business that involves working or moving through a kitchen environment must place safety at the top of its list. That’s why we ensure that all of the catering clothing we supply is safe for employees to wear. We tailor every garment to the individual so that there is no unnecessary risk when working in or around heat, open flame and hot foods. Employees who are protected from workplace hazards by their catering uniforms are better able to perform their jobs to your high standards, thereby increasing the satisfaction of your customers.

Help Your Staff Stand Out

Catering is a business that requires a certain level of visibility. Staff must be able to quickly identify each other while at the same time projecting a professional image to clients. A busy event floor is much more easily navigated when employees can see and differentiate each other from guests. Likewise, event-goers will appreciate a clean and professional look from their catering staff.

Corprotex has over two decades’ experience as catering uniform suppliers. Our clients work in several industries, from restaurants to hotels to event catering. Regardless of the business, we intimately understand the clothing needs of the food and hospitality industries and can help your catering company elevate its image.

Strengthen your Team

When your staff are dressed in comfortable and durable workwear that they can rely on, cohesiveness is the result. Your employees can know they are part of a bigger picture, part of their own team, and provide top quality service to the guests they serve.

When employees concentrate on team building and excellent service, they become better at what they do. This leads to opportunities to take on more responsibility and work their way up to their dream career. As an employer, your duty to your employees is to help them do their job to the best of their ability. And when you choose the right uniforms, this is half the work done.

Passive Marketing through your Catering Uniforms

In addition to providing your staff with confidence, comfort and safety, the catering uniforms you choose can also contain an element of marketing. A small and subtle logo carefully stitched on a pocket, scarf, or tie can remind customers of who you are. Long after an event has ended, your customer can think back to the service they received and be reminded of your company name, which they may pass on to others who need quality catering services.


Choosing the Right Uniforms for your Team 

We hope we have answered your questions about catering uniform options here, and by now, you should be ready to choose the perfect products to suit your team and brand. 

If you’re ready to start your search for the perfect catering uniforms, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team and request a brochure today. Or why not explore our online shop

Find out what other sectors we cater to in our wider range available, and discover corporate clothing, workwear and more uniform options on offer. 

Why Choose Corprotex? 

Many people choose Corprotex for our chef uniforms and workwear as we are infamous for offering premium-quality clothing for a wide range of sectors and industries in every style and size. But that’s not all; when you choose Corprotex for your catering uniform needs, you can enjoy dedicated managed account and wardrobe management services.  

This means we can help you with your ideal uniform product and advise on whether your design ideas are viable with our individual product development offering. We can also help your team directly with ordering wardrobe updates and keep you in the loop with full employee order history and returns. 

Beyond our impeccable customer service and tailored account management, our uniform and workwear options are also popular as full customisation, and branding options are available. Using our expert services, we can add printing, embroidery and tax tabs to your chosen catering and chef uniforms for a fully customised and branded finished product.