Catering Clothing: Where Safety is Key

Any business that involves working or moving through a kitchen environment must place safety at the top of its list. That’s why we ensure that all of the catering clothing we supply is safe for employees to wear. We tailor every garment to the individual so that there is no unnecessary risk when working in or around heat, open flame and hot foods. Employees who are protected from workplace hazards by their catering uniforms are better able to perform their jobs to your high standards, thereby increasing the satisfaction of your customers.

Help Your Staff Stand Out

Catering is a business that requires a certain level of visibility. Staff must be able to easily identify each other, while at the same time, projecting a professional image to clients. A busy event floor is much more easily navigated when employees can clearly see and differentiate each other from guests. Likewise, event-goers will appreciate a clean and professional look from their catering staff.

Corprotex has over two decades’ experience as catering uniform suppliers. Our clients work in several industries, from restaurants to hotels to event catering. Regardless of the business, we intimately understand the clothing needs of the food and hospitality industries, and can help your catering company elevate its image.

Strengthen your Team

When your staff are dressed in comfortable and durable work wear they can rely on, cohesiveness is the result. Your employees can know they are part of a bigger picture, there as a part of their own team as well as for the purpose of providing top quality service to the guests they serve.

When employees can concentrate on team building and great service, they become better at what they do. And this leads to many opportunities to take on more responsibility and work their way up to their dream career. As an employer, your duty to your employees is to help them do their job to the best of their ability. And when you choose the right uniforms, this is half the work done.

Passive Marketing through your Catering Uniforms

In addition to providing your staff with confidence, comfort and safety, the catering uniforms you choose can also contain an element of marketing. A small and subtle logo carefully stitched on a pocket, scarf or tie can remind customers of who you are. Long after an event has ended, your customer can think back to the service they received, and also be reminded of your company name, which they may then pass on to others needing quality catering services.

Chefworks uniform collection: two men and a woman in bar