Bespoke Corporate Wardrobes

Here at Corprotex we pride ourselves in the reputation we’ve gained for the bespoke corporate clothing and work wear we’ve produced and continue to deliver for some of the UK’s leading banking and finance businesses.

Our ability to custom design and tailor in-house gives us the edge in a congested marketplace where differences really do make the difference to clients. We’re able to be creative, flexible and responsive, setting ourselves up to meet the exacting demands of clients with widely differing taste but also demands. Demands on timings, quality and cost.

We work closely with British fabric mills, some of them historically closely at hand with our location in the heart of Manchester’s garment district. Some of them are little further away, but what we enjoy is the long held mutual philosophy of quality first.

Our manufacturing plants are located near and far, each with their own areas of specialisation depending on the machinery and skills they possess.

Custom Designed & Stock Supported Staff Uniforms

When you’re looking for a speedy, yet prudent approach to the design and supply of your back-office and customer facing branch staff uniforms you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Our close working relationships with leading designers of corporate clothing allow us to offer some of the most competitive prices in the UK for corporate uniforms and office wear no matter what your budget. All are stock supported in the UK to be called off on demand, and coupled with our ability to supply fast turnaround production of custom designed and branded accessories such as ties and scarfs there are few to match what we can offer you.

We mustn’t forget that we have an in-house alterations team and this also gives us the ability to tax tab in-house albeit that if printing or embroidery are required we have long standing trusted partners close by to help deliver all particular branded clothing needs.

Our Manchester warehouse is own storage, picking and packing, distribution hub. Managed by highly committed and dedicated staff, supported by computerised stock management systems, we’re handling the supply and distribution of hundreds of individually made-up and addressed parcels each day.

Of course tastes and fashions have changed over the years, and certainly the number of different types of garment we cater for have notably changed, with the introduction of maternity wear, shalwar kameez and sari options becoming more widely requested and available.

Whether your organisation’s particular need is for a bespoke designed corporate wardrobe from scratch using fabrics and weaves that definitively voice your brand identity through a sense of place and belonging, or perhaps you’re looking for a staff uniform that is perhaps more modest, but no less impactful, we have it all.

Our banking and finance clients include a number of building societies; Ipswich, Bath, Mansfield, Market Harborough, Vernon, Skipton and most recently, The Nottingham. The corporate wardrobe we produced and distribute for the Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank recently won an industry award and number of notable other clients include Baker Tilley, Eurochange, Grant Thornton, KPMG and RSM.

Please read on and perhaps take the opportunity to take a look at our case studies, each of which will give you something of an insight into what is involved choosing the one for your organisation. You will see the lengths we go to to ensure that the corporate clothing you select for your people is designed to please those responsible for your branding and that your employees will also proudly and comfortably wear their staff uniforms each day.