Your uniform is the identity of your brand and your business. If your uniform becomes outdated, this can seriously affect your business and may pass that outdated feel elsewhere into your business. The benefits of wearing a new and updated uniform also span well beyond the actual appearance of the uniform itself. A new uniform can reinvigorate your workers and boost their morale, making them happier. 

More than simply appearance, a new and updated uniform has many health and safety benefits, with old uniforms sometimes posing certain safety risks due to age. It is clear that a new uniform poses many clear benefits, but when is the right time to consider updating your work uniforms? It can be a difficult task to time correctly and is an aspect of the business that can confuse many companies. 

This article will discuss the signs that it may be the right time for an update in your commercial wardrobe and when the right time to make this transition may be to keep all workers happy. 

Signs Your Uniform Needs An Update

  • Unhappy Employees

An obvious sign that it may be time to swap your uniforms out is when staff begin to become disgruntled or unsatisfied with their current uniforms. This can be for many reasons, such as garments becoming frayed or the quality of garments slipping due to general wear and tear. 

The best thing you can do when considering whether you should update your uniform is to listen to your employees. As the individuals wearing the uniform, they know what is comfortable and if an update would improve the general appearance of the uniform or not. 

Employees have first-hand experience regarding the fit, comfort level and safety aspects of the garments that others in the business may not initially see. This makes their perspective crucial to knowing whether a uniform update should be imminent. 

  • You Are Rebranding

You’ve taken the big step towards completely rebranding your company and are now wondering whether you should be updating your uniforms as a part of this rebrand. Branding is everything to a company; it is your identity and how customers will view your business. If you are looking to have a complete overhaul of your branding, your uniform should be a part of this. 

Branding should remain consistent across your whole business, whether this is your logo, colour scheme or brand name. If any of these aspects of your business change, even slightly, you should be updating your uniform to remain consistent with this. 

  • Safety Improvements Are Needed

Inevitably, any uniform cannot last forever. There comes a time when a uniform is simply worn out and needs to be updated for safety reasons. Whether this is pieces of PPE or just general workwear garments, you need to have safety at the forefront of your uniform-based decisions. If employee uniforms are causing a risk to safety for any reason, they must be updated. Again, it is a good idea to involve employees in this process and ask them questions regarding the safety aspect of your uniforms. 

Many aspects can alter the quality and decrease the safety aspect of workwear, such as grease buildup and other external factors that may reduce the garments fire resistant properties. Safety of garments could also be reduced due to snags or tears in the garment, increasing the risk of uniforms getting caught in machinery or other hazardous equipment. 

If you believe that your current uniform is posing a risk to the safety of your staff, it’s time to begin looking for updated attire. 

  • Uniform Styling Isn’t right 

In a world where businesses are growing and advancing rapidly, inevitably, uniforms can sometimes go out of style and catch a company out. An outdated uniform can have a knock-on effect and make your business look outdated. In a modern world, it is important to stick with the times. If your uniform is no longer able to meet the needs and values of your employees and company as a whole, it may be time for a uniform update. 

  • Gender differences in uniform styling

There are some factors you can consider if you are debating whether your uniform looks outdated. Firstly, you must ask yourself whether your uniform has appropriate variations for male and female employees. If this is not the case and you believe improvements could be made, we recommend you browse for an appropriate alternative to your current uniform. 

  • Formal or informal uniform styling

Another factor to consider is the formality of your ideal uniform. Would you prefer a more casual uniform or something more formal? It is important to ensure that this fits well with the branding and values of your business. If you are rebranding your company, taking a look at the level of formality your uniform gives off is a great idea. 

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We hope you found this article insightful and helpful. If you have any questions about updating your uniform or want to enquire about our bespoke workwear items that can be tailored to your employees and business, get in touch! Our fantastic team of experts are on hand to answer all of your questions. 

Take your first steps towards an updated, safer and more stylish uniform today! 

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