If your company champions itself as being an inclusive employer, then you want to make sure that it is extended to every aspect of your organisation. From adjustments to interviews to equal opportunities in employment, every addition is a vital part of creating an inclusive environment for all. 

So, why should that falter with workwear and uniforms you provide for your team? 

Here at Corprotex, we understand the importance of providing inclusive workwear and uniform options and are proud to offer an extensive catalogue of diverse styles. But if you need to find out why you should adapt your approach to the workwear you offer your employees, you have come to the right place. 

We have created an extensive guide to inclusivity in workwear that includes all of the most essential information and advice we think you need to consider. 

What is inclusivity in the workplace? 

Let’s start with the basics by defining what inclusivity means in the workplace. 

In a nutshell, an inclusive workplace is an environment where employees do not feel as though they have to conform to feel like they belong. Members of the team will feel accepted among their immediate colleagues and the wider organisation. 

What does it mean to be inclusive? 

To be an inclusive workplace, your organisation needs to support an employee regardless of their background or circumstances so that they can thrive in their role. 

When you think of inclusion, you might automatically think of diversity, and often the two go hand-in-hand. However, it is important to differentiate the two. 

Diversity is the mixture of people, whereas inclusion is the culture in which that different mix of people feel comfortable and confident in themselves at work. 

By valuing differences in your workplace, you can open the doorway to workplace inclusion, an encompassing culture that also considers diversity and equality in every aspect. 

Why is inclusive workwear important?

As we’ve established, inclusion in the workplace ensures that every employee feels comfortable and safe to express themselves. So, how does that translate to workwear and uniforms? 

Workwear itself is an essential tool for fostering unity and improving safety, boosting productivity and promoting your company brand. For these reasons, you want to make sure your team are excited and eager to wear their uniform every day. After all, workwear is also an important tool for minimising peer judgement. 

Now it’s time to take your workwear one step further by ensuring it is an inclusive uniform for all. 

Three ways workwear can be inclusive

There are several ways that you can ensure your workwear or corporate uniforms are inclusive. But first, you might want to define what your company and it’s staff view as inclusive. By collecting this data through anonymous surveys across your team, you might even discover some more important points to consider when ordering your following uniforms. 

To help you get started, we have added a few workwear considerations you might want to take into account. 

1. Non-binary and gender-fluid workwear

Non-binary is similar to an individual being gender-fluid, in which they may not identify as one fixed gender. In the past, uniforms for a vast range of professions have focused on being strictly either male or female. But now is the time to embrace unisex workwear clothing and throw out the gendered dress code. 

Swap out ‘ladies fit’ clothing for unisex shapes and silhouettes and avoid having separate uniforms for men and women. Although, instead of disregarding these clothing options totally, instead offer them to everyone in the team to wear if they choose. 

2. Workwear garments for reduced mobility 

There is a wide range of reasons a person may have reduced mobility, so having workwear garments that suit the needs of all individuals is essential. 

Immediately, you might want to consider the styles of trousers and bottoms you offer as part of your company uniform. For example, trousers fitted with only back pockets or small front pockets may not be of any use to wheelchair users. Instead, try trousers for your team with more pocket styles adorning different areas of the trousers, such as easy-to-reach, mid-thigh pockets. 

You might also consider easy-to-open fastenings and flat seams when choosing your next workwear clothing to ensure all employees feel comfortable in their uniforms. 

3. Size inclusive workwear

Finally, we can’t forget about size-inclusive clothing for the work environment. By this, we’re not only talking about plus-size options. Size inclusive workwear means comfortable uniforms for all that do not distinguish between people of different shapes and builds. 

Size inclusive workwear should include styles to suit everyone, from petite and tall heights to smaller and larger builds. Make sure you choose uniform options available in sizes to serve your diverse team so everyone feels comfortable and confident in their uniform.

At Corprotex, we are proud to offer clothing in sizes ranging from XXS to 6XL, along with various lengths available. 

How to make inclusive workwear fit your brand

By now, we hope you have been convinced by how important inclusive workwear is to your employees. Hopefully, you are ready to incorporate it into your company’s uniform too! 

But we understand that you do not want to sacrifice professionalism or branding when changing or updating your workwear uniform. This is why we are pleased to offer a wide range of customisation services that allow you to tailor your chosen clothing pieces to suit your brand.

Expert printing and embroidery services allow you to add logos, badges and more promotional information to your chosen garments. Use printed branding for t-shirts, hi-vis wear and other waterproof clothing and utilise embroidery on heavy-duty fabrics like polo shirts, aprons and jumpers. 

You can find inclusive workwear at Corprotex to suit a variety of different industries.

Inclusive workwear and uniforms

When it comes to workwear, safety, quality, image, and value are the most important factors across the diverse garments we offer. We are sure you will find workwear clothing in our collection suited to the needs of your business. However, if you’re looking for more adaptive workwear options, find out how we can help you with our bespoke service available.

We can even visit your site and talk to your team directly to better understand what they need from their work clothing. This ensures they have the right features for every job to be carried out safely and efficiently. 

Shop a wide range of workwear and uniform options for a variety of industries online now. 

Inclusive corporate clothing 

Our corporate clothing for business collection promises the highest quality materials and latest design trends to ensure your team is smart and modernly presented. However, if you have not found corporate clothing inclusive enough or to suit your brand, don’t hesitate to find out more about our bespoke corporate clothing service. 

We will work with you to design uniform pieces your team will be proud to wear. Alternatively, discover our wider collection of corporate clothing on offer. 

Begin your inclusive workwear journey with us

We hope that our extensive guide on inclusive workwear and uniforms has helped you find a starting point for incorporating this need into your organisation. 

Browse our extensive collection filled with workwear, corporate clothing and more uniforms available online now, or why not find out more about our bespoke manufacturing service? 

Once you have chosen the perfect garments for your company’s needs, customise your chosen pieces with your branding and promotional messages using our printing and embroidery services available. Enquire today or give our team a call on 0161 223 2226.

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