A dress code offers many benefits to a business. It is key to setting the right tone and projecting a professional image. A specific uniform also emphasises that employees are part of a team. And the benefits are extended further with branded workwear. Personalised uniforms provide brand promotion, visibility and much more on top of the already extensive list of benefits a uniform offers. Here are just some of the perks that make personalised uniforms essential to your business. 

Increase Employee Visibility

Employee visibility is key to a stress-free customer experience. When a customer needs assistance, not being able to find a member of staff can be stressful. A customer just wants to find out of you offer a particular item in a specific colour, and now they have to walk around the store searching for someone to ask. Or worse – they mistakenly ask another customer. If your employees don’t stand out from other shoppers, how can customers identify the right people to assist them? A branded uniform is an easy fix. Help customers identify your team members quickly so you can assist them fast and without stress. It makes the shopping experience far better for your customers. And a better experience leads to more return business, recommendations and a good reputation. That’s a lot of benefits from simply updating your employee wardrobe. 

Employees Embody Company Values

Your employees are amazing. They go above and beyond to help customers. Why wouldn’t you want this to reflect back on your business? Cementing your brand in the minds of customers is key. We know you only hire the very best people, the people that reflect your company culture and values. But if you want people to really connect your team’s conduct with your business ethos, you need to connect the dots. Using branded clothing is a clear sign saying, “This person represents us”.

Increase Brand Awareness

Personalised branded uniforms are essentially advertising. Instead of the touchpoint being a billboard, social media ad, or leaflet, it is one of your incredible employees. Instead of a promotional offer, you’re selling your business through people’s interactions with your team. When a builder stops to have a conversation with the neighbour of the house they’re working on, you can be sure the neighbour will remember your company name. Plus, there are all the passive interactions and encounters. Each one puts your company branding in someone’s mind. 

Display Your Professionalism

Branded workwear also projects a professional image. You are letting people know that you are an organised and cohesive team. Furthermore, it builds trust. When your customer interacts with a team member, they are reminded that they are not just dealing with a stranger – they are speaking with a member of a professional and trusted organisation. This is essential for employees that do home visits or otherwise need access to a customer’s home. Building trust with customer is also vital when handling private, sensitive or financial information. People are rightfully wary when discussing such matters. This means personalised banking uniforms are particularly important. And many other sectors need to take every step to optimally build trust with customers.

Show You Care

Branded clothing can also illustrate that you care for your employees. Supplying your employees with all the necessary equipment and clothing to do their job to the best of their abilities is a sign of a good employer. For example, if a job requires that employees work outside in harsh weather conditions, providing appropriate waterproof jackets is a great way to keep your team safe and happy. When you add your branding to these jackets, you get all of the benefits already described above and let everyone know that you provide for your team. PPE is essential. If you are already supplying it, why not brand it? It’s a simple but effective way to let people know that your employees matter to you. 

The Benefits Of Personalised Uniforms

Personalised uniforms have a lot to offer. From projecting the right image of your team to ensuring customers can find staff when they need them. It’s a relatively small change with a huge impact. Building an image of trust and expanding your brand reach is a fantastic way to generate new leads for your business.

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