Key Features

  • Enables the definition and management of employee uniform entitlements. The entitlements can be managed by the number of garments an employee can have, points value of each item or the value of each item
  • Controls within the ordering process ensure that an employee can only purchase the uniform to which they are entitled
  • Manages the roll out of uniform to employees ensuring they receive the right garments at the right time
  • Online ordering functionality facilitates the direct entry of orders by the customer/employee whilst still controlling what they can buy within the parameters of the employee’s entitlement
  • Online ordering enables customers/employees to monitor their own order progress, view any remaining entitlement and generally manage their own uniforms
  • Reporting capabilities enable detail KPI reporting to customers covering the likes of delivery performance, expenditure and usage

Key Benefits

  • Assists you and your employees in ordering the correct uniform
  • Enables you to manage expenditure
  • Direct ordering reduces overhead on order processing
  • Systemises your KPI reporting
  • Full history of an employee’s orders and returns
  • Accurate tracking of orders, stock levels and returns within a centralised system