A tax tab can be made to any design, whether it is your company logo, company colours or just the initials of your company. They are a discreet way of promoting your company as opposed to a logo shown clearly on your uniform.

Tax tabs provide a way to get around the personal tax aspect of staff clothing or uniform. Many organisations are not aware that HMRC enforce a tax on items of clothing that are issued free to staff and don’t carry any branding. They consider this a ‘fringe benefit’ to the member of staff as it could be worn outside of work.

By applying a tax tab, the garment is distinguished as a uniform that will not be worn outside of work and therefore avoids attracting the classification of a benefit in kind. It is a very easy and cost effective way of kitting your staff out with a corporate uniform that doesn’t have any negative implications for their personal finances, which can of course lead to dissatisfaction.

In order to create your own tax tabs please see below an outline of the process:

Simply send a copy of your logo or a note of your idea for the image to be included on the tax tab including what background colour you would like the tax tab to be.

Once we have received this information we shall provide you with a quotation based upon your requirement and also some approval artwork free of charge. There are no charges until we actually start to produce your tax tab.

From the point of approval of artwork and ordering your tax tabs the production time is approximately 3 weeks.

Once we have produced your tax tabs we will keep them in stock for you and attach them to your garments as and when you order and we will keep you up to date with stock levels so you don’t need to worry about tax tabs again. Once we have arranged the first batch for you we will take care of the rest.

If you would like additional information on our tax tabbed corporate wear or to see samples of our previous work for reference call us on 0161 223 2226 or if you would prefer then you can just send your logo and requirements through to us via our email sales@corprotex.co.uk and we will get a quote and artwork raised for you.

close up of tax tab on The Coaching Inn uniform (waistcoat)