We are very excited to announce that we will now be stocking Helly Hansen Workwear!

Helly Hansen is a well known, premium brand that many of you are no doubt already familiar with.
While you may know then primarily as a workwear, yachting, and sportswear brand, Helly Hansen clothing is quickly becoming a fashion staple, with their stunning styles gaining them as many loyal customers as their waterproofing technology.

We’re delighted with this new partnership and wanted to take this opportunity to share some of Helly Hansen’s rich history and background.

The History of Helly Hansen Waterproof Workwear
Founded in 1877 by Norwegian fisherman Helly Juell Hansen, Helly Hansen Workwear quickly became one of the most popular worldwide brands for waterproof workwear, beloved by everyone from mechanics to mountaineers. Founder Helly spent most of his life at sea, between the ages of 14 and 35, and felt that his clothing was doing very little to protect him from the elements out on the rough Norwegian waters.

Helly and his wife Margarethe set about to create waterproof clothing that would offer a lot more protection from the harsh Scandinavian weather. Using coarse linen, soaked in linseed oil and cured, they produced garments with waterproofing qualities that were previously unheard of. The quality of the waterproofing was so far beyond anything else available at the time, that the humble business started at home by Helly and Margarethe, had sold more than 10,000 units within 5 years.

Following the massive success of their first five years, Helly Hansen certainly did not rest on their laurels; applying the same ingenuity and innovation to constantly pushing the barriers of what could be achieved in waterproof workwear.
The result is high quality, reliable waterproof workwear that provides warmth and comfort in even the harshest conditions.

Here at Corprotex, we’re well versed in the workwear needs of a variety of industries. Our focus on quality, style and comfort has always been central to our work.
The addition of Helly Hansen workwear will allow us to offer even more choice to UK businesses in need of workwear, from the world’s favourite waterproof clothing brand.

For more information about our fantastic new Helly Hansen products, give us a call on 0161 223 2226 or click here to download a brochure and send us an enquiry online.

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