Chefworks uniform collection: two men and a woman in bar

Chef Works and Corprotex : A New Partnership in Catering Clothing

Corprotex Apparel Ltd is pleased to announce that we are now a proud partner to Chef Works as one of only a few distributors throughout the UK.

From their beginnings in the 1960s, Chef Works have carved a reputation in the industry for being a global leader in the design and development of catering clothing uniforms. Like us, they are committed to consistently providing good quality, service, value and style to their end users and understand how important catering uniforms are to brand perception in customers’ eyes.

Offering a wide range of options, from chef coats, through to shirts and trousers, aprons and headwear, you really don’t need to look anywhere else to find what you need for either front or back of house staff.

For more information on what Chef Works apparel we can offer you, please send us an enquiry using our quick form, or drop us an email on