Ladies Dress Codes don’t have to be Limiting

At Corprotex, we don’t think uniforms should be boring and restrictive. They can be used to express yourself while still looking professional for work. We offer a range of styles and accessories to ensure your dress code is always exciting and flexible. These are valuable qualities, especially if you’re introducing a corporate uniform for the first time. When your team learns of their choices for their daily workwear, it will be much easier to implement.  

Versatility and Flexibility

When you see what our team of clothing consultants has to offer, you will begin to understand just how much value can be added to your business. A corporate ladieswear uniform provides versatility and flexibility. This provides your female professionals with confidence that they’re comfortable throughout the workday while remaining professional. 

We’re with you Ladies

Our expert team understands ladies’ corporate wear requirements throughout the working day, and our collections reflect this. It can be a complex topic to approach, so we give instant access and support from our team of professionals to guide you through. We specialise in ladies’ corporate wear and offer support and guidance on choosing the most suitable and appropriate styles with easy-to-wear fabrics for the women who work for you. 

Experience you can Trust

At Corprotex, we have supplied stylish and professional workwear for women for over 20 years. We guarantee quality and style with each piece we sell and value the importance of client collaboration. We ensure all of our clients are consulted throughout the process. We can guarantee that only the most durable, comfortable and best-looking pieces are selected. 

A Specialist Team

The expert Corprotex team is ready to help you discover the many benefits of supplying your female professionals with the stylish and comfortable workwear they deserve. Don’t wait another day to help your employees feel good about what they wear to work; we can assist you with choosing the right pieces for your staff. Call us on 0161 223 2226, or email us today at

Brook Taverner Women’s Corporate Clothing

Designed for life, we’re able to bring to you a range of Brook Taverner corporate clothing for women that is not only comfortable and practical for business, it also transends the office and wouldn’t look out of place in any environment where a smart professional look is the order of the day.

The Corprotex team understands the importance of dressing appropriately and comfortably for work. That’s why we’ve spent over two decades supplying only the best quality business suits for women. For organisations with teams of 6 or more, we’ve partnered with Brook Taverner Corporate Clothing to supply you stock supported business clothing for women, that offers unparalleled quality, value and style.

Interested in our Corporate Clothing Services

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