We Manage The Whole Process- From Workwear Design to Stock Management

Our team here at Corprotex has many years of experience providing custom workwear and uniforms to our customers. From industrial workwear to high-end tailoring. We can provide bespoke solutions, no matter the industry. Our experienced team manage the whole process, starting from the conception of branding ideas and design, all the way through logistics and stock management. Our account managers will guide you throughout the process, ensuring your goals and expectations are met.

Site Visits and Surveys – To Truly Understand Your Business

Your business’s workwear is an extension of your brand and is often a considerable part of your health and safety procedures. For this reason, we will visit your site and conduct staff surveys. This allows us to listen to your team’s thoughts and understand their needs. We use our findings to guide our processes, ensuring we create custom workwear that meets your business’ needs and values. These staff surveys provide a clearer picture of your bespoke uniform needs.

When the site visit and surveys are complete, we will present you with a full report outlining our recommendations for your bespoke workwear. This report also contains a proposed timescale that will keep our team on track during the creation of your custom clothing creation process.

Creating Custom Branded Workwear Based On Specific Needs

We believe these site visits are crucial to assess your working environment best; they allow us to see your staff in operation and meet with you face-to-face. We listen to your requirements, take notes, and discuss various workwear samples. We also research your brand, industry, and customers. These in-
depth insights allow us to create the best possible custom branded workwear for your needs.

Let’s Discuss Our Bespoke Uniform Solutions

Contact us today to learn more about the bespoke workwear services we can offer your business. We look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the workwear you provide is high-quality?

We work with market-leading clothing brands, so you can rest assured workwear you receive from us will be long-lasting and durable. We work with well-known brands such as Regatta, Clubclass, and Brook Taverner.

My business belongs to a niche sector. Will you be able to provide workwear solutions to meet my needs?

Yes, thanks to our varied experience helping many different industries and sectors, we can be sure to find workwear solutions to work for your requirements. Get in touch to find out how we can help- our site visits ensure we provide the right solutions for your specific needs.

Are you able to design my required uniforms from scratch?

Yes, the whole design process is completed by our experienced team. We manage the entire process in-house, from initial design concepts to branding creation and various print options. We always keep you in the loop throughout the journey.

Yorkshire Bank uniform collection
Chefworks uniform collection: two men and a woman in bar
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