An Experienced Team

Our team at Corprotex have many years of experience in providing bespoke corporate clothing solutions to our customers from industrial work wear to high end tailoring. We manage the whole process from conception of ideas right through the whole process from design to logistics, stock management and account management programme.

Site Visits and Surveys

We also conduct short staff surveys in order to obtain the thoughts of your team. This provides us with a clearer picture of your bespoke clothing needs.

When the site visit and surveys are complete, you are presented with a full report that outlines our recommendations for bespoke wear. The report also contains a proposed timescale that will keep everyone on track during the bespoke clothing creation process.

In order to get the best possible assessment of your working environment, we conduct a site visit whereby we see your staff in operation and meet with you face-to-face. During this visit, we listen to your requirements, take notes, discuss various samples and research your brand, industry, sector and your customers.

We Are Your Bespoke Corporate Clothing Solution

Contact us today to learn more about the bespoke services we can offer your corporation. We look forward to working with you!

Yorkshire Bank uniform collection
Corprotex Account Management

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Corprotex Shirts & Blouses Corporate Clothing

Shirts & Blouses

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