A Uniform for All: From the Office to the Construction Site


  • Background

    Established in 2016 by the Stockport Homes Group, Three Sixty hadn’t yet had the full brand treatment for its company uniforms. Created as the construction arm of Stockport Homes Group as an expansion of the offerings of the organisation. Based in Greater Manchester, their aim is to deliver innovative, quality construction and property management services across the Stockport area and to offer long-term sustainable employment to people disadvantaged in the labour market.

  • Challenge

    This fledgling brand needed to introduce a professional, bespoke and cost-effective uniform range suitable for all of their employees for a variety of construction related activities from the office to the job site. The need to utilise specific aspects of their recognisable parent company, Stockport Homes Group, while creating a separate but recognisable identity for their team.

  • Solution

    Working closely with our contact, Commercial Manager Scott Swaby, we acted as his guide through the realms of colour, cuts, styles and fabrics to help Three Sixty achieve a smart, stylish and professional look for the entire hardworking team. Their chosen colour palette of navy and turquoise opened up a wide variety of garments to them.

    Three different polo shirts were selected, offering the team different features: one in a choice of colours for the colour match and durability that offers style and sizing for men and women; a second for the two-tone colouring that perfectly matched the branding; and a third for its technical fabric with wicking and quick-drying properties in a slimmer fit.

    The style of trousers chosen feature triple stitched multi-pockets and seams making them extremely durable and hardwearing with the ability to add knee pads if required. All the outer garments were selected for their warmth and water resistance.

    Once the garments were chosen, an entire branded sample uniform was manufactured and provided to Scott to be presented during his proposals to the group’s board and stakeholders.

  • Results

    After buy-in from the Three Sixty board, it was only a few short weeks until this all-weather uniform was distributed to every team member in their chosen sizes and correct styles and colours.

    “The uniform roll-out was carried out seamlessly, with each employee being provided with a personalised package containing the chosen items, which made the roll out even more efficient and personal. From sign off to receiving the goods it was no more than a few weeks, thus ensuring our team were wearing their new uniforms quickly.

    Overall, we have been delighted with the service Corprotex have provided, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other business.”

“Overall, we have been delighted with the service Corprotex have provided, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other business.”

Scott Swaby, Commercial Manager, Three Sixty