You may not think there is a lot to being a supplier of business wear. And really, it isn’t very complicated; a company purchases clothing from a number of wholesalers, and then sells it after applying a logo of some kind. Some small work wear companies are so good at what they do, it’s nearly impossible to tell them from a big corporate clothing supplier.


So what kind of supplier should you go with if you are looking to get uniforms for your staff? There are some things to consider.


Personal Service
While this may not be a necessity for you, the level of personal service offered by a corporate clothing supplier can say a lot about their products. Some companies will come to your place of business, while others may provide reliable support for any issues you may be experiencing with your uniforms. The ability of a company to provide this kind of personal service can be enough for many companies to choose a supplier for life.


Do They Hold Stock?
There is all manner of unrest happening in the world that can affect the availability of many of the things we need, including textiles. Choosing a company with a warehouse stocked full of corporate clothing can mean that no matter what may be happening in the world, your company can get the uniforms it needs. Choosing a supplier who orders from wholesalers before shipping to your company can mean that you are out of luck during times of crisis.


Can They Help You Organise?
If you are purchasing workwear for your staff for the first time, it can help to have a company who can help you simplify the process. There are hundreds of options for corporate clothing, and the choice can quickly become overwhelming unless someone is there to help you differentiate between pieces. The supplier you choose should do far more than simply direct you to brochures or their website. Instead, your supplier should be genuinely interested in your business; enough to ask you questions regarding the different roles of your staff. This is the only way that they can make suggestions for the work wear that may suit your company best.


Will They Give You Samples?
This is another question to find the answer to when seeking a workwear supplier. Instead of looking through a brochure and choosing the workwear from a picture you find there. Not only will a picture not give you the true colour of a piece of workwear, but it also will not tell you about the feel and strength of a fabric. The best way to determine whether or not a fabric, colour or cut of a uniform will suit your staff is to acquire samples from the supplier.


Of course, getting the right clothing for your employees is also partially your responsibility. It’s important to choose not only the right cut and colour, but also the correct durability and weight of fabric for the work employees will be performing while they wear the garments. Ease of care may also be a consideration if you want your uniforms to last.


Fashion is definitely another consideration. However, it is important that the style or styles you choose flatter a wide range of body shapes. Likely the most important tip is to take your time. Building in time for fittings and for adjusting your style, colour and fabric choices will mean that the investment you finally make in the workwear your employees don is a sound one.

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