For beauty salons, nail centres and clinics, the appearance of your staff is vitally important. Alongside many other businesses in the leisure and hospitality sector, clinics choose staff clothing uniforms for their team in order to fulfil their customer’s expectations and transmit certain ideas about their company.

What do customers expect from a beauty salon?
Before looking at some of the most popular items of clothing for beauty staff uniforms, the following considerations should be borne in mind. These are the three things that customers usually expect when attending a beauty salon:


A customer will expect the same high quality of service from the business no matter which member of staff is serving them. This is a strong argument in favour of adopting a staff uniform. In this context, it is the customer’s individuality, rather than that of the staff member, which is important. Thus a beauty salon uniform should be as neutral and classic as possible. This isn’t to say that team members shouldn’t be free to express themselves in terms of their hair, make up, nails etc, but the uniform should be kept simple, neat and fresh looking.


Beauty clinic uniforms come with many of the same psychological expectations as those used in health care. Namely, that customers expect high standards of cleanliness and sterility. This is the reason why many salons choose white for their uniform, as it immediately gives customers confidence in the hygiene standards of the establishment.


A professional and business-like uniform style will project the impression of expertise that is so important to beauty salons. Customers need to feel that they are in safe hands. Choosing classic designs and styles accepted by the industry will help fulfil their customer’s expectations.

Popular items of clothing for beauty salon staff clothing

Bearing the above considerations in mind, the following items of clothing are popular choices. It is important to be fashionable and to look good when working in a beauty salon, so care and attention should be paid to quality materials and a good fit.

Cropped trousers

Cropped trousers are a flattering and slimming choice for most body shapes, and give an elegant, contemporary style. In the warm and hectic environment of a busy beauty salon, they are also a comfortable option, being cool and practical whilst also being smart and professional.

Boot leg trousers

For businesses who want to project a more formal impression, or for staff working behind the reception desk, bootleg trousers are a great option. They are striking, smart and professional, and can be ordered in either a low waist, or high cut style

Panelled tunics

Panelled tunics are comfortable work where and can be fitted to suit all different body shapes. The panelling allows two colours to be used, allowing you to tailor your uniform to match your company brand.

Asymmetric tunics

Opting for an asymmetric tunic design – one which has button or zip off to one side rather than centralised – makes a striking statement to your customers. It is a popular choice for beauty salons and exudes an air of confidence and contemporary elegance.

Striking the right tone

There are plenty of different options available when choosing a beauty salon staff uniform. When doing so, take into consideration your customer base and also the ethos and feel of your company. Within the general style rules we have discussed, there are an almost limitless range of options, allowing you to customise your uniform to meet your own specific needs.

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