Should you? The trends on today’s catwalks can certainly be alluring. But given the speed at which they come and go, you may wonder if considering them makes sense when choosing new business uniforms for your staff or yourself. After all, work clothing should be functional and not fashionable. Or should it?

Fashion as a Business Tool

Incorporating fashion into your company’s business uniforms isn’t about making your staff look fashionable or frivolous; rather, it’s about using fashion to your advantage. In a world where markets are becoming increasingly saturated, fashion can help your company to stand out in a unique way. If you can get your message heard through your promotions and your staff seen through fashion, you will make double the impact.

We are always Visible

The fact that anyone can become an internet celebrity and that our personal devices allow us all to be videographers mean that the world is always watching, whether we want it to or not. This makes the look of your staff that much more important should they be inadvertently captured on a mobile camera and uploaded to social media.

Dressing for Work is a Two-Tiered Process

Really, when considering business uniforms, it should be about style as well as drawing attention to the unique visual voice of your company. This involves the translation of style. For example, you may really like a particular fashion trend. But if this trend is more casual in flavour, you can look at it and decide how best to incorporate the look into more formal business attire. And there are countless ways to do this.

Incorporating Key Trends

One way to look at incorporating fashion into your work wear is to look at the different aspects of that work wear.

If your staff is required to wear suits, for example, how would you soften them for your female employees? One way might be to add a blouse in this season’s hottest fabrics, patterns or colours. There are plenty of fashionable blouse options in silky fabrics that are made to be easy for employees to care for.

Incorporating fashion trends into the tailored suit itself involves considering length, style and fit. In some years, the trend has leaned toward a slim-fitting jacket and slim-legged trousers. Look at fashion websites for the latest trends in trouser length, jacket fit and overall style.

Another element to consider is the height of the waistband. For example, many modern waistbands are sitting on the natural waist, while others remain below. As far as some skirt styles are concerned, some are shorter, but with a waistband that sits below the natural waist.


It is true that the incorporation of any fashion trends into business uniforms requires much precision. And it’s only natural that the whole ordeal can become overwhelming, especially for those who aren’t used to following fashion trends. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to apply the trends to your business clothing itself; you can accessorise instead.

Of course, accessories will also involve understanding some of the current trends. But if you’ve looked in an accessories store recently, you will see that virtually anything goes. And don’t forget that accessories don’t only mean jewellery; they also refer to belts, hats and scarves as well as bags. And all can be chosen to reflect your brand’s colours.

All in all, incorporating fashion into your staff wardrobe doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With a little bit of ingenuity and know-how, you can ensure that your staff is always dressed to impress.

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