If you decide to start a new company one of the main things you have to decide upon is the nature of that business. It is most important that you do what you know or what you are qualified for. If you went to school to learn how to be a plumber, an electrician, a psychologist or other licensed or registered occupation you can choose whether you wear some kind of uniform. If you are taking on staff or you own a franchise you might need office suits.

Franchise and Chain Uniforms

When you open a franchise, you normally have to follow all the parent company guidelines. Fast food restaurants that are franchised all have the same décor, the same packaging, the same uniforms and the same rules. On one hand, a franchise is easy because you have a predetermined set of rules and guidelines to follow. On the other hand, a franchise is expensive to buy, and you have to pay all the setup fees unless it is included in the franchise cost. Uniforms will be costly, depending on the manufacturer and the company you are buying them for, so watch out for hidden costs.

Choices of uniform style

If you look about you at all the uniforms you see during a typical day you will notice varying different types and styles. You will see many that have the polo shirt and khaki’s as a standard and many will be collared shirts and business trousers or shorts.

Where Uniforms Came From

It is unclear exactly when uniforms were first used because there is no specific record of them. However, it is strongly suggested in many documents that prisons were the first places to create a ‘uniform dress code’ so that inmates were identified as such. Those uniforms were bland and grey and had very little style. They were meant to be functional and serve a purpose. Prisoners were punished heavily in those days, and their uniforms were very rarely, if at all, laundered.

Schools in many countries expect their students to wear a school uniform. They are usually blue, black or grey in colour but can also be green or red. Most school shirts are either white or blue, and private schools often expect their students to wear hats. In England, the idea was adapted initially because the poorer children would get bullied for not being able to buy the clothes that the more well-off kids got. However, with the invention of a uniform it levelled the playing field for all children and the problem discontinued.

Business Attire in the Office

With your new business being started, you will need to set about deciding on colours for your office suits and staff clothing. Not all the team will wear the same attire. Your office team will probably wear suits, but cleaning and janitorial staff will probably choose polo shirts for convenience and comfort.

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