For any business, reception is the first area that the public sees and your receptionist is the first person they will come into contact with. As the ‘face’ of your company, your reception team is whom your clients will base their first impression on. It is essential for them to dress to impress.

What is proper attire?

First things first, how your reception team should dress will largely depend on your industry. For example, if you run a yoga studio, your receptionist may dress more casually than if they were in an office. From blazers, blouses and dress shirts to polos, tunics and trousers, there are a wide variety of garments and styles available for reception wear today. Keeping a few simple ideas in mind can help you select the right look.

Translating your brand

As we’ve previously mentioned, your industry will be a strong influence on how your branding is used in your teams’ looks. For example, a service/repair centre may see the receptionist wearing the same colours as the mechanics, but less casual. Similarly, the receptionist at an office may wear the logo colours, but at a more fashionable level than those working behind the scenes.

Mix and Match

The great thing about mix and match workwear is that it gives your team a bit of variety in what they wear to work. Take a page from the Nottingham Building Society (known as the Nottingham) and choose a combination of garments such as a patterned blouse or shirt, knitwear, dress shirt, trousers, blazer and a dress/skirt, plus the right accessories. Your team will thank you for making their mornings easier and giving them a few options.

Incorporating Denim

Denim may be thought of as best only for casual Fridays, but it can be incorporated into regular receptionist wear; it will just depend on the business. Responsible execution of denim is important at reception. Dark and tailored denim that’s free of embellishments or any distressing effect can present a highly fashionable as well as professional look.

Be Smart

Any receptionist, regardless of industry, should maintain a smart, clean and professional appearance. This means that no matter what uniform they wear, it should be of professional cut and fashionable design.

Of course, it is much easier to make the choice for what your receptionist will wear when you have a clear definition of the image you want your business to project. The decision for what receptionists wear may have to wait until this is clarified. Remember that customers will get an impression of your company in little more than 7 seconds. What impression will that be?


When you contact us be assured that you will be speaking with experts who can answer all of the questions you may have regarding your receptionist uniform needs. You can reach us via email on, or call us any time on 0161 223 2226.

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