You’ve got a team that is friendly, courteous and professional. They’ve all got their uniforms, they’re well trained in their duties and are fantastic brand ambassadors to your clients. But does their corporate clothing fit properly? A poor fit can make even the best employee look unprofessional.

The main thing to remember is the fit of your uniform will vary for each member of your staff because everyone’s body is different, while clothing items are made to set dimensions.

Starting with the right garments

Properly fitting your team starts with selecting the best clothing items to begin with and selecting the pieces to fit a variety of body types can be challenging. That’s where an experienced corporate clothing account manager comes in; with them at your side you will be sure to pick just the right garments. The brand and pieces you choose will depend on the duties your team members will be performing in their daily tasks. You wouldn’t have your hotel restaurant team in a three-piece suit, would you?

Corprotex top tip:
Choosing clothing that has some elasticity, whether that’s from elastane or Lycra, will help your uniform be as comfortable as possible for your team. Top brands like Brook Taverner and ClubClass devote entire ranges to that ‘little bit of stretch’.

Measuring for the best fit

Choosing the right size is down to the measurements given for an individual brand’s size range. Each person’s high street size is a great starting point, but the best tool for the job is the humble tape measure. Men and women require different measurements to get the best fit.

Corprotex top tip:
When choosing sizes, they will need to order the size that fits the widest measurement of their body for the garment. The well-known fact that fabric cannot be added to increase the size, but it can be tailored to fit applies. And ultimately, the best way to choose sizes is for your corporate clothing supplier to provide a sample set for your team to try on before ordering.

Choosing the right size

You want to make sure each team member orders garments that fit the body they have now, not the body they believe they will have several months down the line. It’s important to stress to them that when wearing a uniform every day, wearing the appropriate and current size matters so they are comfortable during their duties and look professional. Too small or too large clothing looks equally sloppy.

Corprotex top tip:
If a team member is starting a weight loss journey, set up a time in the future to check-in with them regarding fit so new sizes can be ordered if need be. Being proactive will make them feel valued and their appearance will always be professional while they are comfortable.


One of the team would be happy to consult with you on your new or current uniforms. You can reach us on 0161 223 2226, or email

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