When choosing corporate clothing for your employees to wear, you may wish to make it as easy as possible for them to take care of their items. Where this is the case, choosing no-iron clothing can be the solution. Or can it?


There is a great debate raging about whether or not no-iron clothing is really as convenient as they say. While no-iron clothing can eliminate much of the time taken to iron, sometimes its cost can be prohibitive, especially for companies who are trying to keep their work wear costs down.


Instead of choosing no-iron clothing that can be more expensive, it may make more sense to share some tips for ensuring all of your employees’ work wear can be easily wrinkle-free.


Minimising Wrinkles
Even the most efficient washers and dryers can result in clothing becoming wrinkled. The same is true of clothing that is packed for business trips; no matter how well they are folded and packed, some wrinkling is inevitable.


Hanging Them in Steam
Although this tactic has been met with some controversy over its effectiveness, hanging clothes in a steamy bathroom can help eliminate wrinkles. And let’s face it; there’s no better way to multitask than to remove the wrinkles from your clothes as you take your morning shower. While doing this may not remove wrinkles entirely, it will certainly make them less noticeable. This solution can also be used as a pre-step to ironing, as it may make the elimination of wrinkles and creases easier.


Many people do not like the idea of ironing. However, it isn’t so bad once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Today’s internet lifestyle has yielded many self-help articles and videos on the finesse of ironing. You may be surprised to learn that this time-honoured household chore is not nearly as difficult as you may suspect.


Buy a Steamer
There are many contraptions on the market which clean and remove wrinkles with steam. Some portable steamers look much like an iron. Instead of needing an ironing board, with a steamer, clothing can usually just be hung on a hanger, and then the steamer passed close to them, quickly straightening any wrinkles.


Dryer Trick
If you are using a dryer, one way to ensure the quick removal of wrinkles from your corporate clothing is to add a damp sock or washcloth in with your items. Then, set the dryer to its ‘fluff’ setting or on medium heat for 15 or 20 minutes.


Hair Dryer
A hair dryer can also be very effective for wrinkle removal, especially those with a plastic focusing tip. To do this, simply hang the garment on a hanger and then turn the hair dryer on. Hold it one or two inches from the garment. Extra tip: use your hair dryer’s cool air setting after removing wrinkles, as this will help to prevent future wrinkles from occurring.


Flat Iron
You can also use a flat iron to eliminate wrinkles. Just plug it in and when it’s ready, use it as you would on your hair. One caution here is to ensure the flat iron doesn’t become hot enough to damage your clothing.


Roll It
Another effective method is to roll the wrinkled garment tightly into a smooth burrito shape, ensuring there are no wrinkles as you roll. Then, place the rolled garments under a heavy item like a mattress for about one hour.

With so many effective ways to eliminate wrinkles from work wear, chances are that you may never have to consider the purchase of iron-free clothing for your employees.


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