With the nicer weather on its way, you might be thinking about the uniforms your staff will be wearing this summer. You might be thinking about adding something new or replacing your uniforms entirely. There are so many choices for summer wear available, which can make it difficult to choose the right ones for your staff. However, when you keep a few simple ideas in mind, you might discover that changing up or replacing your summer uniforms is far easier than you suspected.

Go With the Feel of the Season

Summer is a more relaxed time of year. Therefore, why not bring that feeling into your workplace? If your staff work in a stuffy office, consider swapping suit jackets with shorter sleeves and waistcoats. Even with a skirt, this look can present a professional image and ensure that everyone is comfortable.

You can also relax uniforms by changing the top or bottom; for example, instead of a button-down shirt, consider a polo shirt. Or short trousers as opposed to full length styles.

You Can Layer In the summer, too

Believe it or not, layering isn’t just for the winter, especially if your staff work inside where there’s air conditioning. Inside, your staff may need an extra layer in the form of a light jacket or pullover. For fabrics, think lightweight, like what you would get with cotton, linen and even summer-weight wool. Blouses and shirts in these fabrics also project a nice professional look.

Summer Doesn’t Always Mean Bare Skin

One tricky aspect of summer staff clothing is ensuring that not too much skin is exposed. Regardless of how hot it may get in the office, a low-cut shirt or short skirt will not provide the professional look you seek. Today, there are more options than ever for work wear, especially for women. There are many pieces which can offer comfort in warm conditions while maintaining the professional image you’ve worked so hard to build.

Consider Casual

These days, it seems that work uniforms have gotten incredibly casual. And that is making it much easier for employers to find suitable summer work wear for their employees. All that’s required is to choose items for both male and female workers that can provide a cohesive look. You may wish to consider items like coordinating t-shirts or polo shirts with your logo on them. Not only will your staff be more comfortable in the lighter fabric, but they can also ensure that your uniform rules are being followed.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

In addition to the types of clothing your staff wear, it might be a good idea to consider moisture-wicking fabrics. For example, you may not be able to outfit your staff in shorter trousers for the summer, and you certainly cannot allow sleeveless shirts. But there are many styles of shirts, such as the polo shirt, which have been made with sweat-resistant fabric. One example of this material is Cool Dry. This cotton/polyester weave not only absorbs moisture, but wicks it away from the skin and dries far more quickly than non-wicking fabric.

It might be a good idea to get your team involved in choosing their summer wear. Gather them together, and allow them to pick from a catalogue. Then, take a vote to determine the top 3 suggestions. The next vote will be the uniform of choice. Doing this not only ensures your staff will like what they wear, but it will also allow them to be active participants in the uniform selection process.
With so many summer work wear options available, there’s no need to risk your corporate identity or the comfort of your staff.

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