If you’ve been tightening your belt for awhile, it’s likely become a habit by now. And being frugal is a good habit to get into. However, if you own a business and your staff wear uniforms, all of that belt tightening may be putting you at a disadvantage.

Over time, business wear can fade and go out of style. Moreover, if it’s been a long time since you last purchased new uniforms for your employees, it might be time to freshen things up a little. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase brand new uniforms for your staff; you can inject some new life into your staff uniforms at very little cost.

Pick One Item

Instead of looking at the entire staff uniform, consider whether it would make sense to replace one part of it. For example, when you last purchased shirts for your staff, they may have been cut differently or only available in certain colours. Take a look and check out how your staff shirts have changed; perhaps there is a new colour or two, or collar or sleeve style that could inject some modern style.

Change the Fabric

Another way to liven up staff uniforms is by changing the fabric. The market is always changing their ‘hot’ fabric of the season or the year. Doing some research into fabrics may see you choosing one that may hold colour better than the fabric your staff is currently wearing, or one that will be durable for longer, which can definitely save you money.

You may also want to consider modern alternatives to your current work wear. For example, you may have outfitted your staff in fleece jackets for years. However, fleece can ‘age’ quickly, as the fabric tends to pill. However, fleece’s modern counterpart, the soft shell fleece jacket, resists pilling and holds its colour well.

Look At Second-Hand

You may be able to find fashionable uniforms from second-hand sources, depending on your industry and the number of uniforms you need. Places like Kijiji and Craigslist may be able to offer you bulk used uniforms at a fraction of the cost. You can also ask around to see whether or not there is a second-hand uniform resource in your immediate area.

Seek Out a Seamstress

It may be that a simple alteration can be enough to inject some modern style into your staff uniforms. Consulting with a seamstress can have many benefits. They can look at your uniforms with an objective eye and suggest alterations or additions that can improve the look of your existing uniforms.

Change Your Logo

It may be that all your uniforms need is a logo change. Depending on how your uniforms currently carry your logo, all that may be needed is to remove the old logo and place the new one over the same spot. Of course, a new logo on your uniforms will also warrant changing the logo on your company vehicles, advertising and other items so as to keep your brand consistent and prevent customers from becoming confused.

There are several ways to change up staff uniforms so that you save money. Taking the time to think about the many possibilities available for changing up staff uniforms can result in a lot of money saved. Of course, if your uniforms are showing their age, then no amount of new embellishment will make them look new again. The trick is to decide whether or not your existing uniforms would benefit from new additions or whether they should be replaced entirely.

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