Corporate clothing is a blanket term used to denote formal clothing worn by an employee in the workplace. Whilst at work, an employee represents their company and therefore the clothes they wear require some thought. While many companies allow their employees to select their own work where, within the bounds of a dress code, many other employers find it easier to supply their staff with a bespoke corporate uniform. This approach has many advantages, but it still needs careful consideration.

Your visual identity

With the visual identity of your company at stake, care and attention needs to be given to the quality of the uniform – and this mean seeking the services of a reputable and established corporate clothing supplier. It is essential for the material and make of such apparel to have top-notch quality. As well, the clothing ought to be distinctive enough so to distinguish your employees from those of other companies. The uniform should ideally be something that your team wants to wear and are proud to be seen in. Wearing your corporate uniform should create a sense of unity and solidarity within the firm. This imparts a sense of belonging and pride on the part of employees.

Considering your team
Try to determine the colours, designs and different aspects of what you would want included in the company uniform prior to contacting corporate clothing suppliers. Doing this will help them supply what you require to exhibit your brand in effective manner. Your corporate uniform should be a visual reflection of your brand and the ethos you stand for the company. Take time to decide what you would like to wear out in public or on the way to work. Take into account how durable the material is, and how easy it is to keep clean and ironed. If you would not personally feel happy and proud to wear the uniform, you should not expect your team to wear it either. Your corporate uniform should not be a burden to your team. Rather it should be a source of convenience and pride. Get them involved in the consultation process before you decide on a new corporate uniform design. This helps give your team ownership over the look and feel of their uniform.

Print Quality

Most companies require their corporate clothing to prominently display their business logo. This is an important part of branding, and so it is important that the logo looks good on the finished clothing. A poor quality logo, or one that quickly fades in the wash, will give a poor impression of your company.

Qualities to Seek in Corporate Clothing Suppliers

A corporate clothing supplier ought to be reputable and have a good name among their previous clients. This is what you should look for:


  • A solid track record of long-term relationships with business clients. Verifiable experience counts a lot in giving you peace of mind.
  • The vast majority of corporate clothing suppliers maintain an active online presence. Pay attention to how user-friendly their website is.
  • Good suppliers should be capable of delivering unique specialty products incorporating all the aspects you desire in them.
  • Evaluate whether they are able to keep to the agreed work schedule.

Consistent quality is an important factor in determining whether a supplier is suitable for repeat orders or not.

Cross-Checking the Background of Suppliers

If it is possible to seek references from the supplier’s previous clients, ask for samples of their work. In addition, find out how satisfied the client was with the service they received. Be aware that many corporate clothing suppliers are available in the market that would be glad to do a great job for you. It is important to include within the contract all matters of concern which arise while deciding what form of clothing to purchase for your team.

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