Office uniforms are a universal language that play a critical role in establishing the brand of a business. Companies should exercise great care in selecting them to ensure they promote its brand and business philosophy.

A corporate uniform will have the following impact on your company’s brand identity:

  • They embody your company culture and advertise your brand to colleagues, clients and competitors.
  • Uniforms encourage teamwork and equality among different branches of the company. All employees can put on the same kind of style and colour of dress, whether vice-president or associate, to emphasise this unity and commitment to shared values.
  • A corporate uniform exhibits pride in working with that company. It represents all employees as being equal and striving for the company to progress.

Getting to know you

You should take care and consideration in choosing your corporate uniform supplier. It is important that they take the time to get to know your business, the industry in which you work and the unique vision you have for your company. Taking this step enables them to appreciate what style and design is most appropriate for your business.

Considerations for Designing Office Uniforms

Different companies require different types of office uniform. For instance, an investment bank will need a different style to a supermarket, a warehouse or a research laboratory. Office Uniforms have different objectives, among them promotion of solidarity and professionalism among your team, as well as promoting the company’s brand.

The following steps should be followed when designing an office uniform:

  • Various departments need to get involved in making the decision of what style and colour of dressing should get selected. This helps get your team involved in the uniform which they eventually will be wearing.
  • Once this decision is made, designers then come in to creating an outstanding uniform that best represents the spirit of your company.
  • The texture, colour and fabric used in making the uniforms is carefully selected. This will depends on the activities of your team while at work, but should also be chosen to be hard wearing and easy to maintain.
  • Special considerations should be given to female employees. The uniform should be modest and neutral, while also being distinctively feminine. This consideration applies even the companies who choose a unisex uniform. Corporate clothing should be comfortable for all team members to wear without feeling self-conscious.
  • The uniform should be adaptable enough to be available in different sizes, and to accommodate the needs of disabled employees or team members with limited mobility. Consideration should also be given to teammates who are pregnant.

Striking the balance

Striking the right balance between brand identity and comfort requires a sensitive touch. A corporate uniform should be faithful to the colours and styles of your company brand, while also being user-friendly and attractive to wear. Some colour combinations that look great on a business card do not translate well into an office uniform – and this should be taken into full consideration. An experienced corporate clothing designer will work with you to accommodate the needs of your team and find the perfect solution for your office wear.

When done correctly, corporate clothing is an invaluable asset to advertising your brand, bringing your team together and promoting your company. As with all aspects of marketing, corporate clothing should only be decided on following an exhaustive process of decision-making and consultation with all involved. Choosing an office uniform isn’t a decision to be rushed into or taken lightly. However, a professional corporate clothing supplier will be able to work with you to add a magic touch to your uniforms and add real value to your company brand.

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