Most businesses considering corporate clothing for their employees want to ensure some sort of continuity among their departments. But there is another benefit of outfitting employees. You may be aware of how colour works to your advantage when you use it in your advertising and promotion. But did you also know that colour can play an important role for your staff and your customers?

The Psychological Impact of Colour

The colour that your employees wear will have a subconscious impact on everyone they come into contact with. For this reason, understanding how colour can impact people is important.

For example, if you have noticed that your employees are often tired or feeling down, choosing a light vibrant colour for at least part of their work wear can help. If there is a lot of anxiety, choosing colours which are traditionally calming can encourage a sense of serenity.

Which Groups Do You Wish To Target?

If you are choosing employee clothing with the intention of inciting certain emotions in your customers, then understanding how certain individuals perceive colour can be helpful.

For example, women historically react to colours within the blue spectrum more positively than to other colour groups. These colours would include most pinks and blues, deep blue-reds and blue-greens. When targeting men, colours in the yellow spectrum will be most attractive. These include most blues, orange-reds and true reds.

For more general targeting, there are certain colours which communicate difference messages.

Trust and Credibility

When trying to communicate that you are trustworthy and credible, any colours in the blue spectrum will be effective. Blue is actually the ‘safest’ colour for both women and men, and it also carries a conservative, predictable quality that other colours may not.

Exude Confidence

If you need your staff to be as confident as possible when they deal with clients, then blue-green is the ideal shade. Women especially benefit from wearing this shade, as it helps exude confidence, as well as self-esteem and approachability.

Friendliness and Approachability

If you want customers to feel as though they can easily communicate with your staff, then colours in the peach, tan, teal, green, blue-green and green realms will often accomplish this. Customers who are at ease with your staff may be much more willing to buy.


A dependable business is a prosperous business. Where dependability is the focus, green can provide emotional balance. However, just like other colours, it’s important to use this colour with caution, as green is not as widely liked a colour as blue.


In businesses where neutrality is the focus, beige and greys are the best colour choice. Not only do these colours allow for the individual personalities of your employees to shine, but not overpower those they may come into contact with. Of course, care should be taken with these colours, as they can also project hidden truths and indecision.

Assertiveness and Getting Noticed

Red is a traditional colour for getting peoples’ attention. If speaking to a large group of people, red is an excellent way to keep them interested in what you are saying. However, red does have a dark side; it can heighten emotional sensitivity and anxiousness, and can increase existing feelings of tiredness.

Authority and Professionalism

Dark greys and blues are among the most widely-used in business clothing, as they can help instil credibility, as well as help others to see you as an authority in your field. However, they can also project a sombre mood and even overpower some clients.

It’s the combination of colours, as well as the attitude of your employees which will ultimately make the difference.

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