The act of placing your company logo on a piece of clothing, you wouldn’t think there could be anything simpler. There is actually a lot to think about and where you ultimately place your logo will depend on these four things:  its size; how visible you want it to be; whether there is more than one logo; and what garment your putting your logo on.

Logo Placement on Shirts

Due to the size and shape of a typical shirt there are a range of options available for brand positioning placement.

On the Chest
Likely the most common place for a logo to go is on the chest to the left. This location works because this is the location used by the majority of companies. As well, those who wish their logo to have a more subtle presence will often choose this location.

Although not as common, placing a logo on the chest to the right is another good place. Those requiring both a logo and a name or role on a shirt often opt for the logo on the left and the name on the right.

The average size of a logo that is placed on a shirt’s chest is between 9 and 12 centimetres in width. For shirts having pockets on the chest to the left, it’s advised that the logo be placed above the pocket. Placing a logo on the chest of a shirt is good if that shirt is zipped or buttoned.

On the Sleeves
A logo can also be placed on the sleeves of a shirt. This is sound placement for businesses having more than one logo. It also works well for businesses who are members of particular organisations. Further personalisation can be had by placing a company’s logo on the chest, and then an association or secondary logo on the opposite sleeve.

Many shirt types are suited to sleeve logos, including tunics, polo shirts and t-shirts. Sleeve length is no problem for this kind of logo, which is usually placed just a few inches above the sleeve’s edge.

On the Back
Much exposure can be had by placing a logo on the back of a shirt across the shoulders. The same logo can be placed on the back as on the front, or an entirely different logo, slogan or website address can go there. This position is often used on clothing worn for charity events or for product launch events.

Placing logos in the middle or the lower back of the shirt is also very effective as this placement allows the information to be seen. Average embroidery width of a back-placed logo is 22 centimetres. For printed logos, the average size is 35 centimetres.

Logo Placement on Other Garments

Shirts may be the most popular clothing item for proper branding treatment, but they are not the be all or end all.  There are other garments and accessories that readily accept branding.

On the Bottoms
The legs of joggers or tracksuit bottoms can also carry a logo well, especially if personalisation is required. On work wear and cargo pants, logos can be embroidered just above the pocket at the back, or just below one waist pocket at the front.

A logo can be placed virtually anywhere on a hat or beanie. Usually embroidered, a logo, website or nickname placed on the sides, back or front – or a combination of all three – will garner attention. Those wishing to place their logos on caps should note the smaller amount of space at the back due to the half circle above the fastening.

When considering logo placement for business wear, consult the experts. Whether you want to use printing or embroidery will depend on the garment, fabric, size and even the cost of the item. The Corprotex team would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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