The classic polo shirt design is probably the most popular piece of corporate clothing used in the UK. Company polo shirts are used by a bewildering different number of businesses across the country, ranging from pubs to shops, and from veterinary surgeries to whiskey distilleries.

The polo shirt style is instantly recognisable. Also known as a ‘pique polo’ shirt, the classic design is a woven, short-sleeved top with a simple, and three buttons allow the neckline.

Why are polo shirts so popular?

Company polo shirts are a popular choice among businesses because of how easy they are to customise, and the extensive sizing options available:


Polo shirts have the great advantage of being a unisex item of clothing, and flattering on a wide number of body shapes. Shirts are available from UK manufacturers in sizes ranging from XS all the way up to 5XL!
Due to their inbuilt ventilation, polo shirts are usually cool enough to be worn comfortably during hot weather, whilst the heavy cotton or polyester mixed weave makes them an acceptable choice during colder months.

Polo shirts can easily be combined with a company branded sweater or zip top to make a smart and practical corporate uniform for use at any time of the year. Polo shirts are thus more practical than T-shirts, as well as giving a smarter overall appearance. From an employee’s point of view, polo shirts are hard wearing and usually require little or no ironing.

Company Branding

Polo shirts can easily be ordered to display company logos and branding. With more than 50 different colour shades commonly available, you will usually be out of find a good match for your company colours. Beyond this, company polo shirts can be customised through either printing or embroidery.

Embroidered polo shirts

This is the most popular choice for businesses opting to use polo shirts as part of their company uniform. The most common practice is for a company logo or slogan to be embroidered on the chest on the left-hand side. This is perfectly placed to complement a name badge worn on the right hand side. It is unclear why these preferences have become so popular, but they are well-established among most businesses. Many polo shirts can also be embroidered with a logo on one of the sleeves. Another common practice is to have a company logo embroidered on the back of the polo shirt, with a slogan or tagline printed underneath.

The great advantage of embroidered logos is that they will not fade or wear out, so will last a lot longer than printed garments. They also look good, and give the impression of expense and high quality, even though embroidered polo shirts are in fact extremely affordable, especially when ordered in bulk.

Printed polo shirts

Printed polo shirts are almost as popular as their embroidered counterparts. Polo shirts take well to printing, although not as well as T-shirts do. As a result, printed designs on polo shirts are likely to start looking faded or washed out quicker than they would on a T-shirt. Nevertheless, printed polo shirts are an excellent choice for events, and can be used to great effect at trade shows and exhibitions. Many companies choose to print a larger version of their logo on the back of the shirt, which can easily be combined with a specific promotional message or website address. Printing polo shirts is also cheaper than embroidery, and so is sometimes the method of choice for companies with large teams.

With their smart- casual appearance, low maintenance and affordable cost, bespoke corporate polo shirts are an excellent way to cheaply fit out your team. They give a professional and relaxed appearance, and so are well suited as a uniform for customer facing staff.

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