Can you remember the last time you felt comfortable, yet stylish in your work attire? It really is a lot easier to coordinate and add your unique style to your business wear than you may suspect. Today’s workplace is all about casual yet professional style. Moreover, with bold colours and interesting patterns everywhere, choosing attention-getting work wear is simpler than ever.

The Shirt and Tie

Any dull office can get a boost when you wear bright colours with confidence. A plain shirt paired with a boldly –patterned tie will do the trick. Consider a plaid tie with thin shirt stripes, or a gingham shirt with a polka-dotted tie.

Using two of the same pattern can also add punch to your work day. For example, a green vertical striped shirt paired with a navy-blue-and-white diagonal striped tie can work very well together.

Along with shirt colours and patterns, look more closely at collars. The traditional point collar is no longer the only available style – spread collars are all the rage these days.

Pocket Pops

If you prefer subtlety in your office wear, you can still add a pop of colour to keep things interesting. Toss the white pocket square and swap it for one of many of its funky counterparts. Today’s pocket square is available in paisley, plaid, stripes, gingham and more. Try to choose one that complements one of the colours in your tie or shirt.

You can get even bolder and wear more than one pocket square. The ticket pocket was a part of historical suits so that men would have a place to store their train tickets. Today, it’s still found on suits in the British style, and offers a great opportunity to catch the eyes of your co-workers and customers with a second square.

The Suit

Who says your suit has to be boring? Today’s business suit is available in many modern styles and fabrics including wool. Try on different styles, going for the one that plays up your best features and feels like it was made just for you.

Put a Sock in It

If you’re wearing a suit in a neutral colour and pattern, consider another way to add some splash: your socks. Today’s shorter trouser styles provide an opportunity to show your sock style. A dark grey suit can benefit from a bright argyle or plaid pattern. However, don’t forget the stripes, dots and other playful selections that today’s socks are available in.

The Shoes

Speaking of your feet, have you looked at your office shoes lately? If not, it may be time to do so. Do some research online and check out some of the hottest styles for dress shoes. Many styles are timeless, and so investing in a quality-made pair of shoes can keep you stylish for years to come.

Face the Face

Were you born without that movie star jaw line? Feeling cheated because you don’t have a chiseled chin? You can enhance these features with the right glasses frames. A chunky pair will add lots of old-school oomph to your features.

Boot the Backpack

Your backpack may be a convenient addition to your workday. But where it comes to fashion, it might be best to trade up to a briefcase. Today’s version is made of soft leather and can help boost your look as well as communicate to others that you are a professional.

Wear a Watch

You may not think that a watch is an important accessory. But it will get attention while you rest your arms on the table at your morning meetings. Don’t miss this important opportunity to make a professional statement.

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